My Paint Box


Hi, my name is Ivy Lo.

My maiden name is “Yip”, which stands for “leaf” in Chinese.
Leaf is green in color, it absorbs sunlight and turns it into plant food, to provide energy for the plant to prosper and grow.
It is nature’s invention of the solar powered generator.

My first name is “Ivy”. It goes together very well with “Leaf”. That’s why I have chosen this name for my blog.

For education, I have a background in Engineering and Computer Programming. I was good at Math at school, but I prefer logic and analysing.

I like technologies, but arts also plays an important part of my mind. I guess, arts and technology complements each other, to make the world more complete. I am always intrigued about how arts and technology work together as a whole.

Website design seems to fulfil the two parts of me, the esthetic part of visual design, and the philosophical part of the writing the codes.

Both challenge me in different ways, yet enrich each other, like the “Yin” and the “Yan”.

For every profession, you need a toolbox. For website design, you need proficiency in a number of software and languages.

What’s in My Paint Box?

  • Adobe Dreamweaver, this is like a tablet for writing into the website
  • Adobe Photoshop, I use this software to make the pictures more appealing
  • HTML/CSS, this is the basic language for coding websites
  • Javascript/jQuery, this will help with doing little tricks on the screen
  • PHP/MySQL, this is for more control on the server, such as storing/retrieving information
  • WordPress, this is the magician that makes complicated tasks simple
  • Photo-taking, and video-recording/loading on Youtube
  • Patient, understanding, and listening
  • Flexible to various situations
  • Read/write English and Chinese
  • SMILES are free, because I enjoy what I am doing!

If you like to contact me, the best way is to email me at     ivy_lo_ca @
I live around the area of Sheppard and Yonge, in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.